Computerized Estimating
With our computerized estimating systems, we can provide you with the most efficient and accurate information to determine the costs involved in repairing your vehicle. Distinguished auto companies around the globe base our estimates on data from hours of study. Each of the estimating systems are regularly updated, so that all repair times and parts prices are as accurate as possible. This helps minimize supplement costs and time, so that we can complete repairs quickly and correctly the first time!

Computerized Frame Graphics
There are many vehicles that need structural repair. Genesis is our state of the art frame measuring system that reads and prints out your vehicle’s frame measurements. This allows our technicians to determine what on your vehicles structure needs to be repaired or replaced to factory specifications.

Used vs. Generic Parts
Our commitment to honesty and perfection means we will inform you on the process of repairs to your vehicle. We prefer to use dealer-manufactured parts (OEM parts), but if your insurance policy requires the use of after market parts, we will inform you. If the after market parts are not up to our caliber of specifications, we will not use them.

Computerized Paint Matching
One of the more frequently asked questions is "Will the paint match?" Paint matching has become a science in our industry. We have a computerized color imaging system that assists us with matching and mixing our paint to match your To ensure the closest possible match, we mix our own paint and blend to the adjacent panels of the damaged area so there is no noticeable difference.